Our Story


In 1985, Dave Garlock, creator of the first Custom Trunk Mat, received a request from a friend, who owned a successful, Lawn & Garden Center, to create a solution that would protect his customer’s vehicles from green good products. Dave has always loved telling the story of his “eureka moment”, in his dining room, when opened the first Custom Trunk Mat he had created. Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I had thought of that”? The first Custom, Lawn and Garden, Trunk Mat was born, Dave Garlock quickly realized he had created a novel product and had the vision that would eventually became the successful, family business his children now operate with pride today.

 In 1986, Dave and Leez, his wife, packed up the family station wagon and started the Lawn & Garden trade show circuit, sharing and promoting his new idea to Mom & Pop, Lawn & Garden, Centers across the US. Much to his dismay, his novel idea was not received well. In the beginning he was laughed at hearing comments that giving a free trunk mat was a waste of money. The BIG BOX industry was just starting to take hold and soon the comments started to change.

Lawn & Garden Center owners started to realize Dave’s vision was nothing to scoff at. Customer Service and Brand Identity were becoming vital to remain successful against BIG BOX stores.  Trunk Mats helped provide a unique overall experience at their garden center that would foster loyalty and return business. Trunk Mats became a necessity to Mom & Pop Garden Centers who strived to remain in business and stay strong against the rising tide of the BIG BOX industry.

Dave’s children and their spouses carry on his legacy, working one-on-one with each customer, creating custom trunk mats to help build brand identity. The Trunk Mat Company family treats their customers like family. “We believe Mom & Pop Garden Centers are the foundation of the Lawn & Garden Industry and we strive to keep that foundation strong!” 

old trade show pic of family